"Moving Painting" - interactive installation

For Epsaa's open days, students are in charge of imagining and setting up the projects that will be presented to visitors. The only constraint imposed on us is that our installations must offer an interactive and engaging experience for our visitors.

With two classmates, we developed the idea of creating a painting experience on a digital canvas using a Microsoft Kinect as well as Touch Designer and Ableton Live software.

"Le Glyphe" - short movie

"Le Glyphe" is a short movie about Patrice, a typographer that struggles with the design of a certain letter of the alphabet. The movie is a love note to the craft of type design and an insight into the creative process of a type designer.

This movie was made as an entry to the 2023 Nikon Film Festival. That year's theme was "The Number 13", which is the position of the letter M in the latin alphabet.

For this movie, I used an AI powered image generator to produce a storyboard and have a precise overview of what I envisioned to film. Thanks to that pre-production work, the shooting was made during a couple of hours in a single afternoon at the Bibliothèque Croix-Rouge in Reims, France.

36 Days of Type - illustration

36 Days is a yearly open call inviting designers, illustrators, and visual artists to share their view on the letters and numbers from the Roman alphabet. A very stimulating experience, 36 Days of Type is a periodic event that allows one to reconsider their vision of the craft, perfect their technical knowledge of the tools, and find the most adequate methods of "putting form and function together," as Paul Rand said.